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You Have Been In a Bike Crash in Austin. Now What?

Whether you have been in a bike crash in Austin or a motorcycle crash in Austin these are key things to know to preserve your rights.

1. Get the help you need. At the crash site, make sure 911 is called and the police respond. Austin is lucky to have a positive police chief who agrees cyclists and bikers have a right to share the road. Make sure police respond. Show the police the respect they deserve and help them help you.
2. Get the medical attention you need. Take that ambulance to the hospital and get evaluated. When hit by a ton or more of car or truck you often have so much adrenaline running through your system you have no idea the extent of your injuries.
3. Get witness and as much information at the crash site as possible. Use our phone app (cyclistlaw crash app) or just turn on your phone video camera if you have one and start recording everything from the vehicles involved, the witnesses, their information, the insurance information of the person who hit you, record the license plate, make, model of the vehicle, the street signs, any road conditions that may be relevant, everything…point and shoot!
4. Do not speak to any insurance company representatives until you have spoken to a bike crash attorney from cyclistlaw and/or motorcycle crash attorney.
5. Keep the clothing you were wearing at the time of the crash including your helmet or the jacket they cut off of you in the ER. This is evidence.
6. Keep a journal of the things you are having difficulty with. If you were head injured but are functioning write down the troubles you are experiencing.
7. Call Cyclistlaw.com and speak to an attorney who can help you.

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