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What To Do If You Have Been Hit

What To Do If You Are Involved in a Bicycle Accident

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  • When involved in a bike accident, call 911 immediately, assume you are injured, and DO NOT REFUSE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. You could be in shock or your injuries just may not be apparent.
  • ALWAYS make sure police are called to the scene and that the police take a detailed report.
  • Make certain the other driver has provided his or her driver’s license, insurance information, license plate of the vehicle driven, and take a description of the driver and the vehicle.
  • Never discuss fault with the driver or insurance representatives.
  • If you are able, diagram the street and where the vehicles are located in relation to one another. As soon in time as possible following the incident, take notes on all that you can account for prior to the incident and just following it.
  • Take note of all damaged property, clothing, and equipment.
  • DO NOT throw away any article of clothing, even if it is badly soiled.
  • Take photos of injuries and damages.
  • Contact a skilled and knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney at Shefman Law.
  • Insurance companies are not telling you what you need to know, but they will call and ask you the types of questions that will help them reduce your recovery.

Increased competition for space on the streets can sometimes make moving around Austin a less-than-pleasant, even intimidating, experience. With an increasing number of people using bicycles for transportation in Austin (1 in 25 adults, according to David Binder Research Poll, 1998), there is an increased need to accommodate bicyclists and motorists on shared streets.

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