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What if I have a previous conviction — will that hurt my case?

Some clients are concerned about prior records of past indiscretions or things that may be on their permanent record, and they want to know whether or not that would harm their claim. And the truth to that answer is it depends.

If you were very young and you have a criminal record that may be protected and sealed and that may not be subject to the rules of evidence and may not come in to a civil case. If there is something glaring on your record, our courthouse doors are open to everybody, even if you have prior convictions.

What happens in our jurisprudence is a person with a past conviction for felonies may have their veracity put to question by opposing counsel. Having an attorney who knows how to deal with that information is key because our courthouse doors are open to everybody.

Just because you have past indiscretions or have had a problem with the law, it doesn’t mean that you deserved what happened to you, and we will help you through those questions, those answers, and you will be a prepared—you will be prepared for those types of questions from opposing counsel.

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