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ROT Rally 2013, Bigger, Better, Faster, More….

APD has issued notice that there will be stepped up patrol of all roads and highways specifically to address the motorcyclist casualties in Austin of last years ROT Rally attendees. There were 5 motorcycle riders who died in traffic collisions in Austin and hundreds of DUI arrests and nearly 200 motorcycle crashes on Austin’s roadways, not involving death. The campaign by APD is designated “Arrive Alive” and will also include enforcement of a no refusal weekend beginning on Thursday through Sunday.
We are local Austin Motorcycle Crash Attorneys, you get in trouble out there, we got your back.
Be careful. Ride Safe. Make Smart Decisions. If you are driving a car, WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES- We will be everyhwere.

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March of Sorrow Remembering Lives Lost to DWI

March of Sorrow, Lives Lost to DWI
Today was the first annual March of Sorrow in Austin, Texas. An idea that was birthed in New Mexico and has found a place in Austin, Texas. Today was a day to remember those lives lost as a result of intoxicated drivers (DWI and DUI). Eric William Snow spoke about the loss of his friend Cody Johnson who was hit from behind by Stephen Gilbert on Riverside drive, November 3, 2012. Attorney Lenore Shefman spoke on behalf of the mother and guardian of Brian Lindquist who has undergone 14 brain surgeries and now suffering debilitating brain seizures following his being hit by Truett Jones who was driving under the influence of methamphetamines and marijuana on October 12, 2012. Representative Bill Callegari is a sponsor of legislation passed through the House waiting on the calendars committee, aimed at preventing young drivers from driving while intoxicated. Austin Police Chief came with a cadre of officers as well as representatives of the Sheriff’s department and Lakeway Police Department to also discuss the impact DWI has on the lives of everyone in our community.

March of Sorrow Speakers, House Rep. Bill Callegari, Attorney Lenore Shefman for Brian Lindquist’s mom Susan Buehler, Friend of Cody Johnson-Eric Snow

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