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Summer Bicycle Riding Tips

With the solstice just passed and summer in full swing, we know how quintessentially Austin it is to take an evening ride and perhaps stop for a quick swim. And taking a dip in Barton Springs is so much easier when you can just roll up to the gate and not have to worry about parking!

Some tips for riding in Austin’s summer heat:

Timing is everything! If you can, plan your adventure for either early morning or later in the afternoon and evening when it’s not nearly as hot.

Hydration is key. There are multiple places in town to fill up your reusable water bottle but consider taking 2 with you, one full of cold water and one almost frozen that will stay refreshing even after a few hours on the road. Or plan for an agua fresca break at one of the numerous trailers.

Plan your route accordingly. If you’re planning on being out all day, plan for a few nice stops for either food, beverage or water. Even better if these stops can keep you out of the midday sun.

Dress appropriately. We’re not saying you have to go all-out skimpy like Leslie did but some lightweight, natural fibers will do wonders. Some of the bike shops in town even carry garments made from a lightweight UV blocking material to keep you from turning lobster red.

Check out social rides. If you’ve been putting off riding in a group, check out one or more of the numerous social rides in Austin. There’s a ride for every skill level and type of rider. Some of these rides even come with snacks, like Shefman Law approved, Bike Curious: Art & Ice Cream this Sunday, June 29th.

Ride safe. Remember that it’s easy to lose track of time whether you’re reading in the shade at the springs or sampling queso on the East Side. Bring your lights and other safety gear to ensure you don’t get caught in the dark.

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