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Meeting with the Chief of Police

In a time when traffic injuries and deaths are at an all time high and disproportionately affecting vulnerable road users, Monday, Chief Acevedo and Bike Austin are meeting at Mellow Johnny’s (May 23, 2016, 6pm). This meeting is to discuss the donation by Bike Austin to the APD of 2 C3FT devices which are designed to help enforce the 3-ft passing law for vulnerable road users.

I don’t want a meeting with the Chief. I want the Chief to meet with his officers and Licensed Cycling Instructors and educate them on the laws specific to people riding bikes and people who are most vulnerable using our very delicate and dangerous system of transportation. And really, giving them two new pieces of technology is not getting the police to buy into educating themselves about the 3-foot and 6-foot rule. I ask that the Police Department, from the rank-and-file to the Chief, commit 10 minutes or even 5 minutes to a regularly scheduled training to discuss the laws pertaining to vulnerable road users.

Video testimony of Sgt. Bailey admitting he does not know the TX Transportation Code regarding bikes:

Video testimony of Sgt. Bailey admitting he does not know Austin’s Vulnerable Road User Ordinance:

Transcript: Bike rider hit on Barton Springs, three officers have no idea what the laws are regarding people on bikes:

(Click to read full transcript)


These officers have no training in what the laws are pertaining to bikes. If they don’t know the laws, they don’t enforce them.

I write to the Chief regularly, I send him police reports where police officers make errors on police reports and ask the Chief to investigate our claims of error by the officer. The Chief sends them to someone else to investigate the report, this is a partial recording with an investigating officer in this report where this is the diagram of what happened:

Diagram of person on a bike getting hit by car failing to yield right of way:

Report diagram Phillips

Excerpt from recording on investigating Lt. who says it is the person on a bike’s responsibility to not get hit by cars turning right:

Can we get our Police Chief to commit to training his police force in the laws affecting vulnerable road users? Are we asking too much?

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