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Letter to the Mayor

We all agree on at least these three truths:

1) Austin does not have the infrastructure to support the current needs of all of the various travelers using our limited methods of transportation, such as roadways, highways, tollways, sidewalks (where they exist), bike lanes (where they exist) and surface streets.

2) Austin continues to grow despite already outgrowing our ability to move comfortably and safely around the city.

3) Planned changes to increase mobility are not immediate but the harms caused to our population without these changes are severe, and with infrastructure changes mostly preventable.

WhatMayor Steve Adler, Austin TX can we do to make immediate changes?

1) Issue an edict from you, the Mayor, for work-from-home Fridays. This may quell new businesses moving to our area while we buy time to implement infrastructure changes.

2) City-wide residential street speed limit change to 20 mph with enforcement efforts to indicate seriousness of change and implementation of new regulation immediately, while also building revenue for other traffic calming measures.

3) All highway speed limits reduced to 55 mph permanently and not just for construction.
I suspect you see the theme. Increase infrastructure and slow traffic and do what we can NOW not in 2035 to save lives.

None of these changes would alter lives much, if at all, in terms of time of travel. My prediction is based in no real science. General common sense and being an attorney dealing with traffic deaths and serious injury for 16 years gives me a wee bit of experience. While not mathematical sense, common and practical sense is that our movability would increase due to less crashes, a slower but constant rate of travel, and fewer cars on the road as many of the employers see the benefit of allowing the existing worker population to stay home at least one day a week.

Think about it, these are changes we can make now to keep our families and children safer.

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