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How to Choose An Attorney After You Have Been Injured

There are thousands to choose from and the choice can be daunting. You want to make the right decision. The relationship you forge with your attorney should be one of trust and confidence. Where to begin?

Here are the Questions we think you should ask when interviewing potential lawyers to represent you or your loved ones:

1. How many cases similar to mine have you had prior to mine?
2. How many cases similar to mine have you tried before a jury to verdict?
3. How many cases have you tried to verdict and won?
4. How many cases have you settled at the first offer without putting up much of a fight?
5. Who will be handling my case?
6. Can I reach you when I have a question?
7. How long will it take you to respond to my phone calls?
8. Will I be able to contact you by phone, email, and text?
9. Can I speak with other clients you have represented in the past on similar cases as mine?
10. Will you fight for me?

These are the top ten questions we would ask if we were hiring an attorney. These are the questions we like to be asked.

We have a focus for the same reason your doctor does. You don’t want to go to an orthopedic doctor who specializes in knee surgery for your kidney replacement surgery. Same thing goes for your attorney. Don’t survive the crash just to get killed in your settlement, at mediation or before a jury of your peers. You deserve an attorney who focuses their work on you and your type of injury and claim.

Often attorneys advertise for personal injury cases because they think they are easy and they can make a lot of money. Look at the advertisements out there. Family law lawyers are also advertising for personal injury. These are not the same areas of law and a person who spends the majority of their time representing clients in family court are not in our opinion as prepared to take your case into a civil court room where stricter laws of evidence apply.

Criminal law attorneys often advertise for personal injury law too. Ask, how many times have you filed a civil law suit? How many civil cases have you tried? Why? If an attorney is specialized in criminal law it does not mean they have a clue about civil law. This is significant this difference between an attorney who primarily represents clients in criminal court and those of us who do civil personal injury law. The bodies of law are substantially different. The strategies vary considerably. Knowing how to strategize a case on behalf of your client so that you can get the best settlement or verdict before a jury of their peers is like apples and oranges when considering how to get the best deal for your criminal client or try that case before a jury of the criminally accused peers.

Why do attorneys focus their practice or specialize?

The law is multifaceted. There are hundreds of thousands of statutes and case law to know and understand. Knowing how to navigate the complexity of a civil case is hugely different from a criminal case. The same laws do not apply. The way society views certain civil claims is different. The way society views various crimes is different.

You’ve Got a Bike? We’ve Got Your Back.

We meet attorneys often who say they do what we do. Then we start discussing cases and we learn quickly, they have no clue what we do.

Shefman Law tries cases when the defendant does not come up with the right number for settlement because we refuse to settle our clients cases for less than the full amount. Very few cases actually go to trial but you have to know you have a skilled trial attorney for when the defendant is trying to cut you short of what you deserve.

We can’t give you back your body pre-injury or your mind without the scars from the impact. The only thing we can do is seek to compensate you financially to pay off the overwhelming past and future medical costs of being injured, your wage loss, and provide you compensation for your past and future pain and suffering. We also believe justice serves the person who injured you and let’s them feel the relief of their “debt” being paid to the one they harmed.

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