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Hit-and-Run Bike Crashes

If you have been injured in a hit-and-run bike crash, hit-and-run pedestrian crash, or hit-and-run motorcycle crash and you and/or witnesses can identify the vehicle or driver that hit you either directly or through circumstantial evidence, then you should contact CyclistLaw immediately about your case. Where there are no witnesses and you or your loved one was injured beyond the ability to recall the driver’s information, sometimes investigators can locate cameras that may have captured some or all of the crash.

Higher incidents of hit-and-run casualties and fatalities are being reported. Hit-and-run is the criminal act of crashing into another vehicle and failing to stop and identify oneself after the crash. Failure to stop and render aid is also a crime associated with this act. Failure to stop and render aid requires the driver to contact emergency services (in most jurisdictions 9-1-1). If the crash causes serious bodily injury to another and the driver of the vehicle leaves the scene, in most jurisdictions this is considered a felony.

Ideally, local authorities will thoroughly investigate and take proper legal action against a hit-and-run driver by revocation of the individual’s driver’s license, criminal charges resulting in jail time, and monetary fines. When convicted, that court record can be used as evidence in any future civil trial.

Hit-and-run drivers are attempting to shirk responsibility by fleeing the scene. Any identifying information about the vehicle should be preserved immediately and reported to the police. Contact Shefman Law for help with your case.

Shefman Law has successfully tried numerous serious hit-and-run injury crashes involving cyclists.

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