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Shefmanlaw fights for
vulnerable road users.

Shefmanlaw fights for the rights of those who are underrepresented in our society, including vulnerable road users.

Shefmanlaw fights for the rights of those who are underrepresented in our society, including vulnerable road users.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some people wonder if there are no witnesses to their case, will that affect their credibility as a witness, or will it affect the veracity that they bring to the table as an injured party? And the answer to that is, quite simply, the truth always comes out. Whether there is a witness to the incident or not, we are confident the person that harmed you and the harms that were caused to you will be made very clear and exposed because that is the truth is what our justice system is about, and it’s what we pride ourselves on being able to bring to light.

Many times people who’ve been harmed in a personal injury collision of some sort, they want to know whether or not, by bringing a claim, does that necessarily mean they’re going to have to go to trial?

Less than one percent of all cases actually go to the courthouse. Many cases settle on the courthouse steps.

Every case that walks through the doors of our office, we will treat as though it is going to trial. You will hear us discuss your case in terms of what would a jury do. Not that we expect your case to go to trial, but we will plan for your case to go to trial so that we are not caught off guard by insurance company tactics. The best preparation is proper planning.

In a case in which the claim has not resolved prior to setting of a case for trial, and the case does go before a jury or a judge, it is always imperative that a client be able to speak on their own behalf about their own case. We spend hours preparing our client so that they feel that they have the tools and they are ready to go before not only a judge and a jury, but to take the questions that the defense counsel will want to ask them. So if a case is going to trial, our clients will be prepared.

Some clients are concerned about prior records of past indiscretions or things that may be on their permanent record, and they want to know whether or not that would harm their claim. And the truth to that answer is it depends.

If you were very young and you have a criminal record that may be protected and sealed and that may not be subject to the rules of evidence and may not come in to a civil case. If there is something glaring on your record, our courthouse doors are open to everybody, even if you have prior convictions.

What happens in our jurisprudence is a person with a past conviction for felonies may have their veracity put to question by opposing counsel. Having an attorney who knows how to deal with that information is key because our courthouse doors are open to everybody.

Just because you have past indiscretions or have had a problem with the law, it doesn’t mean that you deserved what happened to you, and we will help you through those questions, those answers, and you will be a prepared—you will be prepared for those types of questions from opposing counsel.

When a significant other whom you’re not married to or are domestic partners with but the law doesn’t acknowledge that for whatever reasons and they’re not next of kin, bringing a claim on their behalf will be up to the next of kin or next relative in the degrees of kinship, which is a legal term that we can help you understand. If you are the person who the family has decided is the best person to act as guardian or administer or executor of the estate—to act on the behalf—in the behalf of the person that’s been harmed, then you can. But it will be up to the next of kin. This is a problem a lot of people face, and prior to being in this situation it’s always great to get the right documentation in place so that that problem can be pre-addressed. Not everybody has that luxury and we understand that, and we can help you work through that.

Regardless of the nature of your relationship to any individual that’s harmed, you can always contact us by phone and get a free consultation. If you feel more comfortable coming in to the office and speaking with an attorney person-to-person, we’ll make time for you, and we will make sure that your questions are answered.

During the initial consultation, that typically happens over the phone. People will call into our office and want to inquire into ways in which we might be able to help them following a serious injury incident.

The first consultation over the phone usually lasts for anywhere from 5, to 15, to maybe even 30 minutes. In that consultation, we’ll want to know: were you injured? Where were you injured? How were you injured? Who was with you at the time you were injured, and who may have witnessed these injuries? If you sought medical attention, where did you go? If you haven’t sought medical attention, why not? A lot of people have reasons for which they can’t seek medical attention and that’s understandable, but we’ll need to know that.

When you come into the office for the first initial consultation, we’ll go over that same information at a greater depth and we’ll take a lot more time. In that initial consultation we’ll also explain to you the anatomy of a lawsuit, what you can expect, reasons to get involved in a lawsuit, and perhaps even reasons not to get involved in a lawsuit.

A lot of people ask what happens when they come in for a consultation and what they should bring with them when they meet with the attorney.

In our office we like to sit down with a client for an initial interview, and prior to coming in we will ask the client to bring in such things as the police report if they’ve had a chance to receive it.

If there is no police report, then if they just bring in the information they were provided by the police office at the scene of the crash. If no police officers responded to the crash but they have witness information, photographs, anything that will tell us something about the facts of the case. If there is nothing other than the client’s own rememberings, that is fine as well.

Consultation Checklist

Remember, bring what you can, the more information the better.

  • Any information about the crash
  • Police report, if available
  • Medical records
  • Vehicle information
  • Bicycle/motorcycle components, if applicable
  • Information about pre-existing injuries
  • Any witness information

Shefman Law is here for you, schedule your consultation by calling us at (512) 386-8117.

So you’ve been injured on your bike, motorcycle, or when walking. Or maybe your friend or loved one has been injured in a bike or motorcycle crash, slipped and fell at a place of business, or was hurt in a swimming or boating accident. If you or someone you love has suffered any of these or any other kind of personal injuries, how do you know whether you have the right to compensation? How do you know if the party responsible for your injury has been negligent?

In short, how do you know if you have a need for legal representation?

If you’ve been hurt in a swimming or boating incident, injured while riding your bicycle or motorcycle, or hurt as a pedestrian while walking or running, you need to consult with a personal injury attorney. Maybe your significant other saw you get hurt, or you lost some of your wages or vacation time because you had to miss work due to the injuries you sustained. All of these claims are compensable, and you should contact a personal injury attorney right away.

If you have suffered physical bodily injury caused by another’s negligence – whether you have sought medical attention as a result of your injuries or not – you are entitled to and in need of a personal injury consultation. No matter how significant your injuries are, you should speak with a personal injury attorney. Any reputable personal injury attorney should offer an initial consultation at no charge to you. Take advantage of this free service to determine whether or not you should pursue litigation.

Shefman Law offers free consultations in person, by phone, or by Skype to anyone who has been injured in a bicycle or motorcycle crash, swimming or boating incident, as a pedestrian, or any other type of scenario resulting in personal injury. But the truth is we don’t take all cases. We do, however, speak with anyone who needs a free consultation and help personal injury victims evaluate their claims. We help victims of negligence decide whether or not they should involve themselves in personal injury litigation, and the first step in that process is contacting us for a free initial consultation.

Our goal is to make sure our clients are made whole from the harms caused by another’s negligent choices. Let us focus on fighting the parties who caused you harm so that you can focus on healing. So, if you or someone you love has suffered bodily injury, wage loss, or lost time from your vacation due to another’s carelessness, contact us for a free initial consultation. The sooner we evaluate your case, the sooner we can build a strategy to win it.

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