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Endorsements of Austin Candidates for November 2014 Election

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Election Day is November 4th, but many Texas voters choose to vote early. This can be done either in person or by mail. Early voting runs from October 20th through October 31st. For more information and to find out if you are eligible for early voting, click here.

Even if you’re voting early, however, you still have to decide how you will cast your ballot. Since it’s important to understand where candidates stand on the issues, BikeTexas has endorsed candidates that it believes are the most committed to ensuring that those who walk and bike on the streets of Austin are kept safe and that their voices are heard.

BikeTexas Endorsements for the Austin area:

Mayor – Sheryl Cole and Mike Martinez
District 1 – Andrew Bucknall and DeWayne Lofton
District 2 – Delia Garza
District 3 – Sabino “Pio” Renteria
District 4 – Gregorio Casar
District 5 – Ann Kitchen
District 6 – James T. Flannigan
District 7 – Jefferson E. Boyt and Leslie Pool
District 8 – Darrell Pierce and Edward S. Scruggs
District 9 – Chris Riley District 10 – Amanda “Mandy” Dealey Rail
Proposition 1 – Yes

Here at Shefman Law, we know how important it is to understand the candidates and issues involved before casting your vote in the election. As a Bike Texas board member, Lenore Shefman can personally attest to the criteria used when selecting this list of endorsed candidates. First and foremost, these candidates have all been vetted and judged to be bike friendly. Additionally, each of these candidates is an active voting participant who appears to be concerned with their community, not just personal gain. Based on their histories and policy stances, these are the candidates that BikeTexas believes will create forward movement for Austin’s residents and promote safety and accessibility for those who bike on the city’s streets.

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