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Cyclistlaw Attorney’s Top 7 Crowdfunding Projects for Bikers and Motorcyclists

We are huge fans of individual and collaborative creativity, the tenacity, and the drive shown by these crowd funding projects, we are helping fund a few. Which are your favorite bike or motorcycle crowdfunding projects?

1. The Cricket Silent Alarm for Would Be Bike Thieves-This little gem boasts the ability to make would-be theives scarce by signaling to you via your smart phone that basically your bike has moved. This could cause some annoyance with every new bike that saddles up to the bike rack, but hey! they met their funding goal.

Christina Guzman's Chamois Panties

Christina Guzman’s Chamois Panties

2.The Austin local Cycling Chamois Panty-Christine Guzman is a design extraordinaire. These chamois panties speak for themselves and met their funding goal almost over night.

3. Motorcycle Visibility– Vololights alerts drivers behind you to your rate of deceleration whether you are engine braking, downshifting or using brake levers.

4. Rideye, Blackbox camera for bikes– Rideye is an objective, omnipresent witness that protects you against hit-and-runs and false claims. It’s the world’s first black box camera for your bike.

Rideye Black Box for Bikes

Rideye Black Box for Bikes


5. The smart wheel sorta electric bike– Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.

6. Motorycycle Audio Book -This fits into the “self-help” section of the book shelf.

7. Bike Rack for Share Cars, also an Austin creation – the world’s lightest and most portable bike rack, designed exclusively for Smart Cars.

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