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Can I Bring A Claim On Behalf Of An Injured Family Member?

When a significant other whom you’re not married to or are domestic partners with but the law doesn’t acknowledge that for whatever reasons and they’re not next of kin, bringing a claim on their behalf will be up to the next of kin or next relative in the degrees of kinship, which is a legal term that we can help you understand. If you are the person who the family has decided is the best person to act as guardian or administer or executor of the estate—to act on the behalf—in the behalf of the person that’s been harmed, then you can. But it will be up to the next of kin.
This is a problem a lot of people face, and prior to being in this situation it’s always great to get the right documentation in place so that that problem can be pre-addressed. Not everybody has that luxury and we understand that, and we can help you work through that.

Regardless of the nature of your relationship to any individual that’s harmed, you can always contact us by phone and get a free consultation. If you feel more comfortable coming in to the office and speaking with an attorney person-to-person, we’ll make time for you, and we will make sure that your questions are answered.

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