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Trucking Crashes & Injuries

Danger on the Road

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees the demand for truckers increasing, up from the 1.5 million drivers on the road now. It expects trucking to add 330,100 jobs between 2010 and 2020, an increase of 20%. That is a lot of trucks on the same highways and roadways that you are driving to get to your work, family vacation, or just getting between point A and point B.

Being out on the road as a semi truck driver requires long working hours for very little pay compared to the hours put on the road. Truck drivers are constantly battling the stress of having cramped living conditions, long periods away from family and friends and the deadlines for delivery. Shefman Law is fully prepared to handle cases that can grow out of these dangers.

Alertness and Fatigue Management

Alertness and fatigue are killers. It is a known and studied fact that many truck drivers drive fatigued. There are federal and state regulations setting forth prescriptive hours that truck drivers are required to adhere to otherwise face penalties, but these are bandaids for the stressors placed on truckers and the demands they face. Truck drivers will not follow the hours of service model if they are not making ends meet or the company’s requirements and deadlines.

When company profits are more important to the safety of the millions of American families driving on US Highways and jeopardized by trucker fatigue and alertness, companies turn to regulators for these “fixes” instead of lessening the demand on truck drivers and increasing rewards for safe truck driving. Key variables describing driver working conditions are wages, pay method (by mile, hour, or job), schedule, and employer type, as well as fatigue, all have a profound affect on overall highway safety.

Over 1500 deaths occur on US roadways each year because of semi truck driving accidents and injury.

Adding to truck driver fatigue is also frustration and anger often expressed in road rage.

Dangerous road games get played out when drivers of these 10,000-80,000 pound trucks or buses get frustrated by subtle traffic conditions.

Maintenance and Inspections of 18 Wheelers, Tanker Trucks, and Other Heavy and Long-Haul Trucks

Failure to properly maintain an 18 wheeler, tanker truck, haz-mat cargo truck, large bus or other long-haul/ heavy semi truck can have catastrophic results for those on the roadway or in the vicinity of a crash or accident. The second leading cause for accidents is maintenance issues, most of which could have been predicted and cured with adequate inspection.

Environmental Factors, Truck Driver Performance, and Truck Driver Health all play a role in the safety of these massive vehicles on shared roadways with passenger vehicles.

Contact Shefman Law

If you have been a victim of any crash involving an 18 wheeler, semi truck, tanker truck, large bus, heavy cargo truck, hazardous materials cargo truck or tank, or other long-haul truck, Shefman Law will take on the company and the driver who caused you and your loved one(s) harm. We know that when you are involved in a traumatic event, catastrophic injury, or even death, the emotional, physical, and financial toll on an individual and family can be great.

At Shefman Law of Austin, we focus on winning our clients’ cases while you focus on you and your family. You need an attorney you can trust to openly communicate with you the realities of your case. You need a semi truck accident and injury lawyer who will fight for you until your rights have been vindicated. Few personal injury attorneys will take a civil case to trial. Lenore Shefman has been trying cases in California and Texas since 2000. At Shefman Law, we fight for you.

Here at Shefman Law, we also work on contingency fees. This means that we don’t collect any fees unless you recover for the harms that have been done to you.

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