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Construction Injury Attorney


Construction Accident & Injury

Lenore Shefman is an Austin, Texas, personal injury attorney working to help people who are struggling through difficult times. Shefman Law is here for you following a serious injury accident or a loved one’s wrongful death. We understand the troubles a serious injury can cause to individuals and their families. We have a deep understanding of the physical, emotional, and financial stresses our clients face following a serious injury or following the death of a loved one. Years of successful experience in construction accident and injury trials, along with compassion, tenacity, hard work, and an understanding of the law, helps ensure that Shefman Law clients get the best possible results.

Construction Sites and Zones

Construction sites and zones are hazardous and dangerous areas to work in and around. Construction work may include the building of buildings, highways, tunnel and shaft excavations, hazardous waste removal, environmental remediation, and demolition. Construction that takes place at sea has separate remedies from injuries occurring on shore sites. Contact us to discuss your case, whether it happened on land or at sea.

Construction work is one of the most physically demanding jobs that everyone counts on in our society. We count on construction workers to build our communities.

We should and do require employers of construction workers to maintain a safe environment for workers. This means providing construction workers with all the safety equipment each worker needs to protect their eyes, ears, knees, heads, and bodies.

Shefman Law Represents Construction Workers, Crafts, and Trade Workers

Skilled construction workers create profit for the worker and the contractor. Owners
of projects expect contractors to produce a quality project at a competitive price. This does not mean that a contractor can cut corners on safety to reach the right price for the customer or to achieve the most profit. Shefman Law, an Austin construction site accident and injury law firm, will fight for you to make you whole if you have become the victim to profits over safety business practices by contractors.

Injuries on Construction Sites

Serious injuries happen everyday on construction sites. Many of these injuries result in a catastrophic injury, wrongful death, a need for re-education rehabilitation; vocation re-training and/or long term or even permanent disability.

Toxic waste and chemical handling can cause burns and lung injuries. Falls from scaffolding and ladders can cause great bodily injury or even death. Construction sites are known for having items falling from several stories causing serious injury to the workers below. Construction site accidents include burns from electrocution, welding,
and even lightening or explosions.

To be a construction worker, trade, and/or craft worker a person needs to have good
dexterity, great strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination, balance, communication skills, team work ability, and, increasingly, computer skills . If any of your senses are taken away from you because of an on the job injury or accident, even if caused by another construction worker, you are entitled to compensation for the full extent of your injury, the losses you will suffer including past and future medical bills, wage loss, sick time, vacation time, benefits, loss of consortium for your spouse, and other harms and losses including pain and suffering.

Craft and Trade Workers

Craft workers, including carpenters, plasterers, operating engineers, and masons share the same rights and remedies as construction workers. They too are entitled to a safe work environment. If you or someone you love has been injured on a construction site, contact the construction accident and injury firm Shefman Law.

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Shefman Law, an Austin construction site accident and injury law firm, has been trying cases in California and Texas since 2000. We focus on winning our clients’ cases. You need an attorney you can trust to openly communicate with you the realities of your case as well as an attorney who will fight for you until your rights have been vindicated. Few attorneys will take a civil case to trial.

We fight for you.

At Shefman Law, we operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t collect any fees unless you recover for the harms caused to you.

Whether a teamster, truck driver, carpenter, framer, roofer, flooring installer, dredger, boat operator, boat pilot, welder, barge operator, electrician, Steward, Cook, Porter, Oiler, electrician, lineman, elevator mechanic, fencer, cable splicer, material man, heavy equipment operator, flagman, tree trimmer, ironworker, glazier, pipefitter, mason, laborer, sheet metal worker, site manager, carpet layer, welder, deckhand, shoreman, millwright or house painter, we will fight for you. We fight to make sure you do not leave anything on the table when it comes to settlement or trial.

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