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Boating Crash & Injuries

At Shefman Law, home of Austin’s boating accident and injury lawyers, we understand how difficult it can be to navigate the complexity of a serious boating accident. Attorney Shefman is prior Coast Guard, a Maritime Law Enforcement Officer and Search and Rescue Small Boatcrewman. Attorney Shefman has first-hand knowledge of what can go wrong when boating. As experienced personal injury trial lawyers we will prepare your case from beginning to end and make sure you get the best settlement or verdict at trial.

Boating Accident Causes

Most if not all boating accidents are preventable. Boating crashes are often the result of alcohol, not understanding how to navigate in a waterway (understanding the rules of the road), inattention, overcrowding of rivers and lakes, reckless driving of the boat or other watercraft such as Jetskis and Sea Doos. By not maintaining a boat, boat operators and their passengers can be placed in great peril especially at night or bad weather. Passenger drowning after falling overboard or drifting off in rapid currents when let out of the vessel in dangerous conditions can also be actionable.

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We can help you if you have been hurt of injured in a boating crash or accident. We are boating accident and injury lawyers representing victims all over Central Texas and the Highland Great Lakes Areas, South Texas and areas along the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. If the injury occurred on a river, in a lake, or even out at Sea, call us to help you and your loved ones through this painful and difficult time. We are here for you.

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