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Austin and Central Texas Motorcycle Safety, Knowing the Limits

Motorcycle Safety in general is about these three things:
(1) Focus
(2) Be Aware
(3) Stay within Your limits

Being focused means staying out of blind spots, keeping a safe distance and always providing yourself an out. Knowing who and what is behind you is key. Those vehicles entering traffic from side streets need to be accounted for and watched.
Aggressive and defensive driving is also critical for a motorcycle rider. Keeping eye contact with other vehicles as you take your turn in a right-of-way (ROW) situation is proper and will assure the driver of the other vehicle will acknowledge your ROW. There is a level of pre-emptive caution that a good motorcycle rider does every time s/he gets on his or her bike.
Protective gear is helpful but won’t make you a safe rider.

Know your bike, know its limits. Know your limits.

Unfortunately there is not always a lot you can do for the driver that simply does not see you or makes an illegal and unexpected u-turn or appears to be looking at you but charges ahead into your lane. There are now more distracted drivers than ever before, on every road. Drivers are texting, talking on cell phones, and not giving the road and other traffic their full attention. Motorcyclists are often not seen due to a perspective problem with car and truck drivers only looking for car and truck traffic.

Do what you can to be visible, make eye contact, keep focused, be aware, and stay within your limits.

Knowing the best motorcycle crash attorney doesn’t hurt either 😉

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