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A Whole New World for Cyclist Injured by Disney Heiress

A settlement in the case of Diane Disney Miller, deceased child of Walt Disney, versus a bicyclist has been reached, and we at Shefman Law are celebrating a victory for our client.

Diane Disney Miller crashed her car, a Lexus sedan, into a bicyclist in Marin County, California, in July 2012. She turned from the highway into a car wash without signaling and without looking – a dangerous combination of negligent choices. After being hit by Disney Miller’s vehicle, the victim suffered numerous injuries including a post concussive syndrome, cervical spine fractures, a broken tooth, torn meniscus, road rash, and multiple deep lacerations. The victim, an athlete and ultra-distance bicyclist, has spent over two years recovering from these injuries and is expected to require future surgery for the torn meniscus.

The six-figure settlement for the victim is substantial: $450,000. Our client will receive the money needed to cover past and future medical expenses, property damage, as well as losses in wages due to the hospital stay, extended recovery time, and cover his emotional harms and losses. We know that no sum of money can make up for the trauma suffered by the victim of a bike crash. Our goal is to make our clients whole and fight for fair compensation of the injuries they’ve suffered.

Shefman Law are trial attorneys representing personal injury victims. Our attorneys specialize in vulnerable road users, primarily bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. No one, not even Disney princesses, gets off the hook when our client has been injured. If you’ve got a bike, Shefman Law has got your back.

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