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There were no witnesses. Will that hurt my case?

Some people wonder if there are no witnesses to their case, will that affect their credibility as a witness, or will it affect the veracity that they bring to the table as an injured party? And the answer to that is, quite simply, the truth always comes out. Whether there is a witness to the incident or not, we are confident the person that harmed you and the harms that were caused to you will be made very clear and exposed because that is the truth is what our justice system is about, and it’s what we pride ourselves on being able to bring to light.

Will my case go to trial?

Many times people who’ve been harmed in a personal injury collision of some sort, they want to know whether or not, by bringing a claim, does that necessarily mean they’re going to have to go to trial?

Less than one percent of all cases actually go to the courthouse. Many cases settle on the courthouse steps.

Every case that walks through the doors of our office, we will treat as though it is going to trial. You will hear us discuss your case in terms of what would a jury do. Not that we expect your case to go to trial, but we will plan for your case to go to trial so that we are not caught off guard by insurance company tactics. The best preparation is proper planning.

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