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Austin Fire Hazards | Tis the Season

Austin has received a lot of rain lately (for Austin) but we remain in drought conditions. Please be mindful that fires catch easily outdoors in dry winter seasons. Also, the following indoor fire hazards should be dutifully watched with great precaution:

Space heaters

Christmas lights


Dirty Chimneys

Electrical Cords

Wood Burning Fire Places v. Gas Fire Places

Living in apartment complexes or duplex situations neighbors are dependent on neighbors to be mindful of these special precautions throughout the holiday seasons. One fire can ruin hundreds of families lives, even cause serious bodily injury and death.

Please check all electrical cords, give space heaters sufficient room and keep them away from flammable surfaces and objects such as curtains and make sure they have proper venitlation. Never use a heater that off gases indoors.

Before using wood burning fireplaces make sure your chimney is clean and won’t cause an unexpected fire in the building due to build up in the chimney.

Before leaving the house or apartment, make sure all holiday lights are turned off.

Make sure all electrical cords have not been chewed on by household pets and there are no exposed wires.

Never burn wood in a non-wood burning fireplace. If you are uncertain, just don’t do it.

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