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“The Moth Effect” Bikes and Lights, Rules to Ride By

Marc Green is a Human Factors and Visuals Expert. He wrote a very interesting article on THE MOTH EFFECT. So, What is the Moth Effect? The study is worth reading. The summary is captured at the top, indicating despite the Moth Effect riders should employ lights, as many as possible, and preferrably flashing. The article discusses drivers leaving the road and being directed at the subject of their focus fixation.

The author writes, “The likely explanation for the moth effect is imprecision in knowing where the eyes are pointed. In order to perceive a stable world, the brain is constantly monitoring the direction of gaze. It is one of those critical mental operations necessary for survival that operates outside of awareness. If the brain did not know where the eyes were pointed, for example, the world would jump every time we made an eye movement.”

Take a few minutes to read the article. The information is invauable especially for riders at this time of year when days are short and nights are long.

Cyclistlaw Attorney’s Top 7 Crowdfunding Projects for Bikers and Motorcyclists

We are huge fans of individual and collaborative creativity, the tenacity, and the drive shown by these crowd funding projects, we are helping fund a few. Which are your favorite bike or motorcycle crowdfunding projects?

1. The Cricket Silent Alarm for Would Be Bike Thieves-This little gem boasts the ability to make would-be theives scarce by signaling to you via your smart phone that basically your bike has moved. This could cause some annoyance with every new bike that saddles up to the bike rack, but hey! they met their funding goal.

Christina Guzman's Chamois Panties

Christina Guzman’s Chamois Panties

2.The Austin local Cycling Chamois Panty-Christine Guzman is a design extraordinaire. These chamois panties speak for themselves and met their funding goal almost over night.

3. Motorcycle Visibility– Vololights alerts drivers behind you to your rate of deceleration whether you are engine braking, downshifting or using brake levers.

4. Rideye, Blackbox camera for bikes– Rideye is an objective, omnipresent witness that protects you against hit-and-runs and false claims. It’s the world’s first black box camera for your bike.

Rideye Black Box for Bikes

Rideye Black Box for Bikes


5. The smart wheel sorta electric bike– Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.

6. Motorycycle Audio Book -This fits into the “self-help” section of the book shelf.

7. Bike Rack for Share Cars, also an Austin creation – the world’s lightest and most portable bike rack, designed exclusively for Smart Cars.

Keep Austin Fed and the Cycling Community

Cyclistlaw aka Shefman Law recognizes this outstanding community organization doing fantastic work and keeping cyclists in the forefront of not only their method of delivering their service but also making sure to service the cycling community.

Keep Austin Fed often delivers by bike trailer these foods from providers such as Trader Joe’s, Snap Kitchen, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Upper Crust Bakery among others to those in Austin who are hungry. A few good people, dedicated to community and to making a big difference. As this video shows, 40% of the food in the US goes to waste. That food could feed 25 million people. That is a problem. A problem with a solution. Take a look at what this organization and its leaders, organizers, and volunteers are doing as part of that solution:

Keep Austin Fed Video

Through Joseph de Leon, Keep Austin Fed Coordinator and Board Member we learned that Keep Austin Fed was providing meals to hurt and injured cyclists in need following debilitating injuries. We instantly knew we wanted to be part of helping this organization get off the ground. With such simple brilliance this organization is making a huge difference. The mission and methods are so simple and progressive that we had to get involved. Cyclistlaw is providing a $1000 donation with more to come.

If you would like to donate or volunteer, please connect with Keep Austin Fed Keep Austin Fed Website

Cyclistlaw aka Shefman Law is a Personal Injury Trial Law Firm serving Texas, dedicated to advocating for safer streets, stronger community, and healthier living.

Bicycles Blending in the Shade of Night

It has been one full year since “Chops” Ramirez was hit in early October 2012, when Brian Lindquist was run over from behind and left for dead by the deeply drugged hit and run driver, and where Cody Johnson lost his life also, run over from behind by a drunk driver. None of these cyclists share any responsibility for their fate. They each shared at least four things in common. All three men, rode a bike, in the fall, in Austin, Texas. What does this have to do with riding at night? Only highlights the fact that, at this time of year, with cooler temps, and earlier night fall, there are a few more things riders should consider when blasting out into the great big open on their favorite two wheels.

Every rider out there knows that with cooler days and nights, riding is pure joy after excruciatingly long hot summer days. If you are a new rider, know someone just starting out and picking up their first bike at any of our amazing 40 bike shops here in town, or new and joining your organized ride, lend a hand or a bit of knowledge where you know it might be needed.
I know nobody wants to sound like a killjoy and or take the initial “whee” out of those first rides for any enthusiastic newbie rider. If you see someone doing something though and you know it could get them killed or harmed, just take a sec and with whatever tact you have, share with that rider a better, safer way.

Using reflective tape on clothes, attaching reflective stickers to your bike where it is visible from all directions, your helmet, glasses arms (thank you Andrew McCalla for this little gem) and even water bottles can increase your visibility.
If you see a rider without lights and dusk is approaching, make sure you share your knowledge about how important it is to be seen and if you have a spare light, help the rider in need get home and pick it up from them later. If not, take the lead and keep them on the inside of the bike lane so they remain visible with you until you get to the shop to buy a set of front and rear high lumens lights- or, until you are all safely at the destination. We mention high lumens lights because it is super important you not only have a light that will allow you to be seen, it is equally important that your light show you where potential road hazards are ahead of you.

Now that night is falling earlier, anyone staying or “caught” late at work could end up in the dark on the way home. Please stay safe, think ahead, and brighten up that ride. No need to be any more vulnerable of a vulnerable road user.

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