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When buying a Harley Davidson, where is as important as what kind.

Recently Cyclistlaw.com purchased a Harley Davidson from Central Texas Harley Davidson. Greeted at the door by Joe Ayers. Handed off to salesman Mitch. Joe and Mitch back and forth seemed to be working to help me get the bike we wanted. We were customizing an Iron 883, matte black finish. The what kind matters, it is how you feel when on the road. The bike has to fit you and it has to feel like an extension of you. Comfort and fit on a motorcycle greatly influences safe riding and motorcycle handling by the rider. Okay, so that is the What Kind. Now, more on the where:
They sold us on the tank being painted by their guy, Joe Martin. The charge was $750, seemingly a fair price to have our fairly simple logo painted on the tank, right? Wrong.

So that paint job should have been fair warning. The customizations were all paid for upfront in cash with the bike. There was no communication between the sales guys and the service department. The service department charged for services they simply could not perform either due to being illegal or we were sold something that could not be installed (speedometer lowered to accommodate the risers on the custom handle bars. They have refused to reimburse us for this cost to date.) The pipes were the only thing installed to spec.

15 clocked hours trying to get the parts we ordered and either handed over or installed (installation paid for in October with purchase of bike) and over six months later, the bike is still missing parts. Cowboy Harley Davidson, we are all yours!

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