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  • November 10, 2015 |

Cyclist was commuting to work when hit by an airport shuttle van that drove off after the collision. The cyclist was slammed face down into the pavement. The cyclist suffered over $150,000.00 in maxillofacial injuries that were surgically repaired. The driver could not be identified by any GPS or other devices and at trial Lenore Shefman was able to convince a jury through circumstantial evidence and company documents who the specific van driver was out of the 15 other vans in operation at or near the time of the collision. Plaintiff was awarded a judgment of $597,000.00. Case was appealed and lost by defendant. Plantiff awarded as follows:

To Client: $161,511.57 Attorney’s Fees: $251,555.00, Case Costs: $104,433.42, Medical Bills Paid: $71,000.00
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