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  • November 18, 2015 |

Just wanted to publicly brag on the fact that my lawyer and her team are complete badasses, I went to see her months ago with a broken neck, broken ribs and a severed spirit. I had about $50,000 dollars in medical bills, I had no plan and no way out and had no idea what my insurance could offer and I was getting pressured by them to sign off on my expenses right away. I had no money to fund any type of physical therapy or treatment, and the insurance from the motorcycle coverage only covered about half of my expenses. I was ready to consider bankruptcy and completely deal with the fact that I was going to have to live with the physical pain of my accident without any further treatment.

I was highly skeptical of lawyers and insurance companies and just wanted to hide and not deal with any of it, I had already had personal debt and wasn’t at all in a place where I could try to pay off more debt.

When I met with Lenore she was not only straight forward, personable but she came across almost maternal and protective of me and my injuries that she won my complete trust from the start. She wasn’t after money and she didn’t treat me like a dollar sign. She helped me get out of my slump by helping believe there was hope to get out of hole- financially, physically, and mentally. I came to her not expecting much help if any and she quickly allowed me to belief that there was plenty of help for my injuries. Her and her team completely exceeded my expectations from what was shaping out to be the worst year ever has quickly turned around.

After months of not receiving any treatment I was able to start physical therapy, chiropractic work, and start getting massages to help with the excruciating pain I witnessed in my back and neck. When things looked dire with my case Lenore, Alexandra and the team at Shefman Law were able to find ways to cover my ongoing expenses and fight for me when the insurance refused to cover on-going medical help.

I don’t ever write reviews however my future feels so much brighter after going to Lenore. I still deal with the pain from my neck everyday and they say that may never go away and I have to make sure now I’m protected from any more future concussions/head bleeds but I now feel more secure because I’ve stepped out of the crippling financial hole I was in to continue ongoing future care. I’m hoping by writing this and a google review that other cyclist and motorcyclists can avoid the treachery of dealing with insurance companies and sleazy lawyers and feel safe with choosing Lenore and her team.


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