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Austin Ride of Silence 2013 Pfluger Bike and Ped Bridge at 6:30 PM

Tonight, Wednesday, May 15, 2013, gather at the Pfluger Bike and Ped Bridge for a one hour, eight mile (no drop) ride that will begin at 7 PM sharp. This is a global event to honor, grieve, remember, give thanks for those who have been killed or injured while riding.

During the ride please respect all the safety rules of the road. Helmets and lights shall be used. The ride is silent, hand gestures for signaling. Call out only in emergency to alert other riders of potential dangers.

There will be a dedication period. AT that time you can speak of someone you would like to recognize or remember. Please arrive at 6:30 PM and meet up with a ride organizer to make sure you are listed to speak at the dedication period of the Ride of Silence.

You will see other riders with black arm bands-this signifies memory of a loved one who was killed. Red arm bands indicate someone injured while riding their bike. Please wear bands or pin photos to your jersey or shirt or attach a sign to your bike. Thank you for riding and remembering. Shefman Law remembers Cody Johnson killed on November 3, 2012; Brian Lindquist who was hit and mentally incapacitated on October 12, 2012; and Robert “Chops” Ramirez killed September 23, 2012.

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