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Summer Bicycle Riding Tips

With the solstice just passed and summer in full swing, we know how quintessentially Austin it is to take an evening ride and perhaps stop for a quick swim. And taking a dip in Barton Springs is so much easier when you can just roll up to the gate and not have to worry about parking!

Celebrating Bike to Work Month: A New Map Making It Safer For Austin Cyclists

Austin Bike to Work Month

May is Bike to Work Month, an event that everyone at Shefman Law is fully in support of. Not only does Bike to Work Month encourage a practice that is both good for your health as well as the health of your community, it also provides a great opportunity to shed some light on different important aspects of bicycle activism. As Austin bicycle accident injury attorneys, we appreciate the opportunity Bike to Work Month provides for highlighting the need for safer conditions for Austin’s bicycle community.

Lucky for us, MIT has recently introduced a new initiative that is working toward producing safer conditions for cyclists throughout the U.S. In honor of Bike to Work Month, here’s an introduction to this new program, deemed You Are Here, as well as a few reasons why this app could prove life-saving for Austin’s cyclist community.

What is You Are Here?

You Are Here, developed by the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab, is an interactive map service developed to showcase all kinds of information, from locations of coffee shops to the density of concert venues in a unique urban environment. Most importantly for bicycle activists, You Are Here has been developed to show an evolving map of bicycle crashes within a certain city’s limits. If you click here, you’ll be taken to a scatter map showing where every recent bicycle accident and injury has occurred, with more frequent locations  being highlighted by larger location markings. Using data provided by the Texas Department of Transportation, You Are Here has plotted 1,430 bicycle accidents that have occurred since 2009. As bicycle activists and lawyers, it’s easy for everyone at Shefman Law to see just how important this kind of information can be for the cycling community.

How Can You Are Here Benefit Bike Riders in Austin?

Aside from being an amazing visual sight, You Are Here has some major practical applications. For one, it allows for expert route planning. Seeing as though it’s Bike to Work Month, it’s hard to imagine a better resource for safely navigating your way around town. It is a sad fact that there are certain locations throughout Austin that are far more dangerous for cyclists, such as the intersection at 6th and Brazos.  Whether due to high-density, poor maintenance or difficult conditions, some intersections in Austin are just flat out more treacherous than others, and You Are Here is a stunning tool for cyclists looking to avoid such debilitating areas. As bicycle accident and injury lawyers, we love You Are Here’s addition to the public safety of Austin cyclists.

As important as evolving tools are for bicycle safety, getting the word out that cyclists are currently forced to live with the possibility of getting injured is equally as important. If nothing else, You Are Here highlights the growing need for more effective legislation and public services for the bicycling community while simultaneously demonstrating just how dangerous it can be for cyclists out on the road. At Shefman Law, we’re not just personal injury attorneys, we’re cyclists just like you. If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident and have sustained injuries, contact us today for a thorough consultation.

20th Anniversary Rosedale Ride – March 22, 2014

Cyclists prepare to rideOn Saturday, March 22, cyclists of all kinds will descend upon the Samsung Semiconductor in Austin for an event every Austin bike rider looks forward to: the 20th Annual Rosedale Ride. An event organized as a fundraiser for the Rosedale School, the Rosedale Ride is an opportunity to get out on the road with hundreds of other riders and tour the gorgeous streets of our wonderful town. As Austin’s bicycle accident attorneys, Shefman Law is thrilled to be entering the time of year when major rides and events start happening, and the Rosedale Ride is one of our favorite, both for its sense of community and the great cause it supports.

The Rosedale School is Austin’s only school for children with multiple disabilities, and the Rosedale Ride is an essential event for the financial health of the school. Starting at the Samsung Semiconductor, cyclists are encouraged to enjoy rides of 20+, 40+, and 60+ routes. Even better, the event hosts a small loop of 12 miles for children to enjoy! This year marks the 20th anniversary of the event, so there will be many special perks for riders. The Ride coordinators have even put together a 20th anniversary jersey for the occasion, giving each and every Austin bicyclist the chance to commemerate the historic day. After the days ride, there’s plenty of food and drink for the whole family, not to mention live entertainment. The Rosedale Ride is the perfect event for connecting with Austin’s wonderful cyclist community, all while providing support for an incredibly worthy cause.

Here in Austin, we’re proud of the fact that we do things a bit differently, and the Rosedale School is an excellent example of that. In the same way that Shefman Law looks out for the interests of people that have been involved in bicycle accidents and have sustained bicycle injuries, the Rosedale School looks out for members of our community with disabilities that can often be forgotten by the rest of society. Their work is a testament to all the great work being done in Austin, and the Rosedale Ride offers the ability to give support to a wonderful organization while enjoying everything we love about riding in Austin. As Austin bicycle accident attorneys, we’re incredibly lucky to share a city with such a noble and worthy cause

As experienced Austin bicycle accident attorneys, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that safety, even during large cycling events, should always be on your mind. The roads can be a dangerous place for a cyclist, and making sure to stay diligent and wear your helmet at all times can go a long way towards keeping the day a fun as well as safe. If you or anyone you know should experience a bicycle crash you believe warrants compensation, get in touch with the bicycle accident injury attorneys at Shefman Law. We fight for you, and we win.

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