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Right of Way Violations Against Bikers

Deliberate crowding or interfering with another vehicle already in an intersection is a violation of a right-of way. When two vehicles approach an intersection from different highways at the same time, the driver to the left shall yield to the driver on the right. Cyclists often experience right-of-way violations ending in serious bodily injury to the cyclist.

Different intersection configurations have different rules of the road. At an intersection that is partially controlled by lights or signage, the general understanding is that the vehicle whose roadway terminates or dead ends shall yield to the uncontrolled traffic that is approaching.

When vehicles are exiting private driveways onto sidewalks where some cyclists are riding, the motor vehicle operator often fails to look for pedestrians and cyclists. Violating the rider or pedestrians right-of-way, failing to look in both directions, and choosing to steal out into traffic without using the necessary caution is cause for many bike accidents in Austin.

If you have been injured in an intersection where your right-of-way has been violated, contact an experienced attorney at Shefman Law to better understand your rights.

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