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How To Choose a Bicycle Accident Attorney

  • August 28, 2014 | FAQs

Shefman Law Group is a personal injury attorney for bicycle and motorcycle riders in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. If you are injured in a bicycle accident or a motorcycle accident, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Use the chat to schedule your free consultation or call us at (512) 386-8117.

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What Happens at My Free Consultation?

  • August 20, 2014 | FAQs

During the initial consultation, that typically happens over the phone. People will call into our office and want to inquire into ways in which we might be able to help them following a serious injury incident.

The first consultation over the phone usually lasts for anywhere from 5, to 15, to maybe even 30 minutes. In that consultation, we’ll want to know: were you injured? Where were you injured? How were you injured? Who was with you at the time you were injured, and who may have witnessed these injuries? If you sought medical attention, where did you go? If you haven’t sought medical attention, why not? A lot of people have reasons for which they can’t seek medical attention and that’s understandable, but we’ll need to know that.

When you come into the office for the first initial consultation, we’ll go over that same information at a greater depth and we’ll take a lot more time. In that initial consultation we’ll also explain to you the anatomy of a lawsuit, what you can expect, reasons to get involved in a lawsuit, and perhaps even reasons not to get involved in a lawsuit.

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What Should I Bring To My Free Consultation?

  • August 14, 2014 | FAQs

A lot of people ask what happens when they come in for a consultation and what they should bring with them when they meet with the attorney.

In our office we like to sit down with a client for an initial interview, and prior to coming in we will ask the client to bring in such things as the police report if they’ve had a chance to receive it.

If there is no police report, then if they just bring in the information they were provided by the police office at the scene of the crash. If no police officers responded to the crash but they have witness information, photographs, anything that will tell us something about the facts of the case. If there is nothing other than the client’s own rememberings, that is fine as well.

Consultation Checklist

Remember, bring what you can, the more information the better.

  • Any information about the crash
  • Police report, if available
  • Medical records
  • Vehicle information
  • Bicycle/motorcycle components, if applicable
  • Information about pre-existing injuries
  • Any witness information

Shefman Law Group is here for you, schedule your consultation by calling us at (512) 386-8117.

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Attorney Shefman Featured in Austin Post August 1, 2014

Speaking out about the way Austin police officers approach bicycle crashes and injuries, Attorney Lenore Shefman has been featured in Austin Post’s article APD Tries to Ditch Its Anti-Bike Rep.  What do you think? Have you had positive or negative interactions with the Austin Police Department as a cyclist? Let us know in the comments below.

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How Do You Know If You Need Legal Representation?

So you’ve been injured on your bike, motorcycle, or when walking. Or maybe your friend or loved one has been injured in a bike or motorcycle crash, slipped and fell at a place of business, or was hurt in a swimming or boating accident. If you or someone you love has suffered any of these or any other kind of personal injuries, how do you know whether you have the right to compensation? How do you know if the party responsible for your injury has been negligent?

In short, how do you know if you have a need for legal representation?

If you’ve been hurt in a swimming or boating incident, injured while riding your bicycle or motorcycle, or hurt as a pedestrian while walking or running, you need to consult with a personal injury attorney. Maybe your significant other saw you get hurt, or you lost some of your wages or vacation time because you had to miss work due to the injuries you sustained. All of these claims are compensable, and you should contact a personal injury attorney right away.

If you have suffered physical bodily injury caused by another’s negligence – whether you have sought medical attention as a result of your injuries or not – you are entitled to and in need of a personal injury consultation. No matter how significant your injuries are, you should speak with a personal injury attorney. Any reputable personal injury attorney should offer an initial consultation at no charge to you. Take advantage of this free service to determine whether or not you should pursue litigation.

The Shefman Law Group offers free consultations in person, by phone, or by Skype to anyone who has been injured in a bicycle or motorcycle crash, swimming or boating incident, as a pedestrian, or any other type of scenario resulting in personal injury. But the truth is we don’t take all cases. We do, however, speak with anyone who needs a free consultation and help personal injury victims evaluate their claims. We help victims of negligence decide whether or not they should involve themselves in personal injury litigation, and the first step in that process is contacting us for a free initial consultation.

Our goal is to make sure our clients are made whole from the harms caused by another’s negligent choices. Let us focus on fighting the parties who caused you harm so that you can focus on healing. So, if you or someone you love has suffered bodily injury, wage loss, or lost time from your vacation due to another’s carelessness, contact us for a free initial consultation. The sooner we evaluate your case, the sooner we can build a strategy to win it.

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5 Summer Safety Tips for Water

If you’ve been on Facebook recently you might have read about a new product to help prevent tragic drowning deaths. The iSwimband is a Bluetooth enabled device that lets parents and caregivers know if a swimmer has been underwater too long or if a child that’s not supposed to be in the water has fallen in by accident. While this new piece of technology is a great tool, there are many other ways to protect children and others in the water.

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A Whole New World for Cyclist Injured by Disney Heiress

A settlement in the case of Diane Disney Miller, deceased child of Walt Disney, versus a bicyclist has been reached, and we at the Shefman Law Group are celebrating a victory for our client.

Diane Disney Miller crashed her car, a Lexus sedan, into a bicyclist in Marin County, California, in July 2012. She turned from the highway into a car wash without signaling and without looking – a dangerous combination of negligent choices. After being hit by Disney Miller’s vehicle, the victim suffered numerous injuries including a post concussive syndrome, cervical spine fractures, a broken tooth, torn meniscus, road rash, and multiple deep lacerations. The victim, an athlete and ultra-distance bicyclist, has spent over two years recovering from these injuries and is expected to require future surgery for the torn meniscus.

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Summer Bicycle Riding Tips

With the solstice just passed and summer in full swing, we know how quintessentially Austin it is to take an evening ride and perhaps stop for a quick swim. And taking a dip in Barton Springs is so much easier when you can just roll up to the gate and not have to worry about parking!

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Austin B-Cycle Bike Sharing to Expand

If you’ve been around many parts of downtown Austin and surrounding areas you’ve undoubtably seen the bright red B-Cycle bike share bikes. These bikes offer a great alternative to bringing your bike downtown or for a quick alternative jaunt about town without the hassle of parking.

Recently, Austin B-Cycle announced plans to expand 3 locations (4th and Congress, Academy and Congress, and Pfluger Bridge at 2nd) and add four more stations to include areas like South Lamar, Rainey Street and Barton Springs Road. These changes will happen in early June. (more…)

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May 12th Motorcycle Death Highlights Issues With Chase Policies

At Shefman Law Group, we’re reminded daily of the need for better protection for motorcyclists throughout the Austin area. As motorcycle accident attorneys, we fight day in and day out for stricter safety laws, better public awareness, and more transparent political processes surrounding the implementation of preventative measures. Sadly, on May 12, Austin lost another biker to the perils of the open road. Charles Brandon Knowles, a 25-year-old Austinite, was thrown from his bike riding through San Marcos on his way back to Austin. Although this is a story we’re all chillingly familiar with, this incident does have a separate piece to it that is seldom discussed when it comes to motorcycle accidents and injuries; namely, Knowles was being chased by police when the deadly crash occurred. If motorcycle safety is to be a priority for both private citizens and public institutions, we have to ask the question: just what happened in the case of Charles Brandon Knowles, and what could have been done differently to save this young man’s life?

What Does Police Policy Have to Do With Motorcycle Accidents?

An internal police review has been conducted surrounding Knowles death, and thus far the conclusion is that all policies were followed. San Marcos police state that they saw Knowles traveling at a very high speed, and when they attempted to pull him over he simply accelerated on his bike. This in turn led to a high-speed chase, which resulted in Knowles pulling a dangerous turn northbound and eventually led to his ejection. As motorcycle injury lawyers, we understand that police can be a necessary and important aspect of keeping riders safe and implementing measures that protect the larger body politic. Still, we as a community of motorcycle riders and neighbors have to ask whether these chase techniques are always the safest answer.

A Reminder of SXSW Tragedy

When Rashad Owens drove into an unsuspecting crowd of SXSW revelers on March 13th, many local residents were left wondering if the decision to chase Owens into a crowded area was the right one. Similarly, when a motorcyclist is travelling at accelerated speeds and attempts to elude police, is there a way to protect the general public from danger while also taking into account the safety of the motorcyclist? If San Marcos found that police that no policy was broken, and yet we’re still left with a dead young man, we have to consider that maybe there are nuances to the policy that aren’t effective at their current levels. It’s not always easy to see the solution to these problems, but we must continue to seek out ways to end crashes that result in the deaths of motorcyclists.

At Shefman Law Group, we’re in the trenches daily working for victims of motorcycle accidents and injuries. As Austin personal injury lawyers, we have the experience and technical skill to get the maximum compensation for victims of unnecessary motorcycle crashes. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us today for a consultation and start on the path to righting the wrong you’ve been forced to endure.

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