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Lane Splitting

Motorcycle crashes have many causes. Attorney Lenore Shefman has dedicated her practice to motorcycle riders and bike riders for the past 14 years. Shefman Law is here to help you or your loved ones if there has been a serious injury from a crash.

In Texas it is illegal to lane split. Lane splitting is defined as utilizing the space between two vehicles to pass. Lane splitting is exceptionally controversial. Most states do not allow motorcycles or bicycles to lane split. Over the last few decades, Texas has introduced legislation that would allow lane splitting. Check or consult your local municipal codes and state laws prior to lane splitting.

Many studies show that filtering traffic through lane splitting techniques, when done safely, is beneficial to traffic flow and improves safety for cyclists. It also enhances visibility.

Setting road traffic safety standards for lane splitting is difficult due to the many variables involved in the regulation of high density traffic control.

If you have been injured in a crash involving alleged lane splitting, it is important to contact a skilled and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer promptly. Shefman Law aka Cyclistlaw can help you with your claim, call us today.

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