Shefman Law PC is an experienced and successful personal injury trial firm, and it has been winning cases since 2000. Shefman Law represent all plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. Whether it’s for a motorcycle accident, injuries sustained in a bike crash, slip and fall accidents, drowning or diving incidents, trucking crashes, or DWI crashes, Shefman Law is your choice for Austin personal injury representation.

When going to trial for a personal injury case, you need an attorney that has proven results in front of a jury. Shefman Law has successfully won every trial. Lenore Shefman is a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum. For more information, view our results page. Many personal injury attorneys only look for settlements and are ill-prepared for taking a case to trial. With Austin’s Shefman Law, you can be sure you’re getting a personal injury attorney with the experience required to get you the settlement or verdict that you deserve.

Personal injury cases can cover a wide variety of legal ground, including but not limited to: motorcycle accidents, injuries sustained in bicycle accidents, slip and fall cases, drowning or diving incidents, trucking crashes, and DWI crashes. You’ll need a personal injury lawyer with experience trying the type of case at hand, and Shefman Law has success in cases ranging the gamut of personal injuries. Furthermore, because Shefman Law has tried multiple types of personal injury cases and emerged victorious, you can be sure that Shefman Law has what it takes to win your case.

Shefman Law is an Austin personal injury law firm that’s ready to go to bat for you. Contact us today for a free consultation, and remember: if there’s no recovery, there’s no fee.

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