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3 Key Ways for Motorcyclists and Bicyclists to Avoid Injury

As personal injury attorneys for bikers and cyclists it is our goal to reduce the number of injuries suffered by our clients so everyone can enjoy what they love most, riding. Here are three tips to hopefully help avoid injuries caused by negligent drivers.

When you are riding behind a car in traffic, make sure you have an “out” if the car stops suddenly. Ride to the side and closest to the shoulder or a clear path out of any sudden movements by the motorists ahead.

When you are approaching an intersection and cars or trucks are turning right, move to the left of the bumper of the vehicles ahead of you and do not move to the right, maintain a safe distance because motorists may not notice you.

Many motorcycle and bicycle collisions could be avoided if other motorists simply saw the cyclist prior to the collision. Watch for drivers making a left hand turn across your path. Left hand turns in violation of a motorcyclists right of way are a leading cause of injury to motorcyclists.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call Shefman Law or visit our website for more tips on motorcycle safety: http://www.cyclistlaw.com/motorcycle-accidents/motorcycle-safety/  and or for bicycle safety and laws:http://www.cyclistlaw.com/bicycle-accidents/austin-bicycle-law/

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