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March of Sorrow Remembering Lives Lost to DWI

March of Sorrow, Lives Lost to DWI
Today was the first annual March of Sorrow in Austin, Texas. An idea that was birthed in New Mexico and has found a place in Austin, Texas. Today was a day to remember those lives lost as a result of intoxicated drivers (DWI and DUI). Eric William Snow spoke about the loss of his friend Cody Johnson who was hit from behind by Stephen Gilbert on Riverside drive, November 3, 2012. Attorney Lenore Shefman spoke on behalf of the mother and guardian of Brian Lindquist who has undergone 14 brain surgeries and now suffering debilitating brain seizures following his being hit by Truett Jones who was driving under the influence of methamphetamines and marijuana on October 12, 2012. Representative Bill Callegari is a sponsor of legislation passed through the House waiting on the calendars committee, aimed at preventing young drivers from driving while intoxicated. Austin Police Chief came with a cadre of officers as well as representatives of the Sheriff’s department and Lakeway Police Department to also discuss the impact DWI has on the lives of everyone in our community.

March of Sorrow Speakers, House Rep. Bill Callegari, Attorney Lenore Shefman for Brian Lindquist’s mom Susan Buehler, Friend of Cody Johnson-Eric Snow

Waco Fertilizer Plant Explosion- Unknown Death Toll and Injuries too Many to Count

West Fertilizing Plant in Waco, Texas explosion kills and unknown number of residents and workers, injuries too many too count.

For those seeking relief from the West Fertilizing Plant Explosion in and around Waco, Texas please refer to this article in the Waco Tribune:
Fertilizer Plant Explosion Relief Links
If you can please give blood at Scott and White or your local blood bank.
If you need further assistance please call your local blood bank. Those seeking legal advice relating to injuries and property loss resulting from this fertilizer plant explosion please call Shefman Law.

Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas

Austin, get your engines ready! On April 19-21st some of the greatest riders the sport knows will be here racing on our home track at the Circuit of the Americas. While the track has its share of controversy and studies are still being done to determine if a future Formula One is to occur, things still keep moving on the track. The MotoGP Season kicks off in Qatar this coming week and then Austin hosts the riders and races.
A lot of new rules have been implemented as well as point systems that will sanction riders causing them to lose status in race start placement and other penalties. A recent article published by Motorcycle USA outline some of what we can expect as we try to keep pace with this fast moving sport.

Houston Bike Share Program- Maybe Fattest City No More

Houston seems to have a very robust bike share program set up. Way to go Houston. Houston has also been struggling with being the most out-of-shape city in Texas and by some reports, the nation.
Well Houston, hope the bike share programs helps shed some of that weighty press.

Kirk Watson’s Bill SB 275 just passed the Senate. Onward through the House

For those of you not following this legislative session, SB 275 just passed through the Senate unanimously. The measure was authored by Austin Democratic Sen. Kirk Watson.

Senate Bill 275 enhances prior punishments and ups the anti. If a driver flees the scene of a crash s/he will face up to 20 years in prison, a $10,000 fine in what is charged as a second degree felony.

The case where a Capitol Hill aide, Nestande, hit, and fled the scene leaving Courtney Griffin in the road without medical assistance where she ultimately died has raised great attention from lawmakers such that this pass flew through the Senate. Now, onward to the House.

KVUE wrote this article
and the Statesman’s coverage of the same is here

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